- Acrylic and Spray Paint on Wood, 172 x 30cm (each piece)

'Tane' has many descriptions, such as 'the creator of life', 'the radiance that creates life', and most commonly 'the lord of the forest'. It is often personified as a male figure, but that is merely to help tell the story. Tane is the radiance of the sun, and these figures, 'Sons of Tane', are the life that is a result of that radiance. 

I was trying to capture the spirit of the wood and I wanted to make it a thing of beauty, because I wanted to say to people that trees are an important part of this planet, and they are alive and living

The irony that the wood used for these carvings was sourced from once-living trees was not lost on the artist, but the goal was to say something far more intense than what the trees (that these carvings were made from) could say about themselves.

I didn’t do any pre-drawings for these; I just created them out of instinct and tried to imagine the life that was inside of the timber, and somehow draw the images out

His interest is in creating an outcome that sings, rather than trying to adhere to presumed rules as to how Maori Carvings should be made. The colour added to these pieces truly helps make them unique as carvings. As an established painter, Nicholas believes the colour should vibrate like a musical chord, and have some form of musical rhythm.