- Acrylic on Canvas, 45 x 91cm

Te Arikinui - the high born woman, is a reminder of all those wonderful women who raised us; loved us and nurtured us. I wanted to create something that symbolized the stories of Woman as the mother of humanity

Te Arikinui, the high born woman, is a tribute to the strong and dignified women whose presence helped guide Nicholas during different stages of his life. This includes the likes of his mother, Hana Nicholas, and the Maori Queen – Dame Te Atairangikaahu, whom he knew and shared experiences with over the years. The artist states “I had so much respect for (her) she was always so dignified and nice and supportive of the arts”.

This painting also represents Rongoueroa, the matriarch of Te Atiawa, and a Kahui Maunga Ancestor. Kahui Maunga - the “People of the Mountain”. This painting shows a literal depiction of a figure who appears to be coming out of the land, like a mountain. The yellow glow is the radiance of the sun, that shines on her as she is born into the world. She is faceless because she represents a spirit, and the figures in the background are symbolic Kaitiaki (protectors) of life on this planet. They change and evolve as time changes and different forms of protection emerge.

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