Man behind the Mask (Man in a suit)

Limited Edition 1 of 6 prints; 41.5 x 34.5cm Acrylic Painted highlights and gold glitter added by the Artist Giclee Print on 308gsm Hahnemuehle 100% Cotton paper, mounted and framed. Enquire about this print

"The clown is a wise person who understands what's happening around them... and they can tell stories... they can be who they need to be. And at some stage in their lives they can take that mask off and go back home" 

This painting was open to many interpretations when it was first shown, and none of those were wrong. The viewer is an important participant, and how they experience the world will always reflect their interpretation of an artwork. What kind of mask do you wear?  What kinds of masks are you confronted with in your life? These are questions that will influence your impression of the Man behind the mask.

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