Maori Boy dancing for Rongoueroa

Limited Edition 1 of 6 prints; 49.5 x 49.5cm Acrylic Painted highlights and gold glitter added by the Artist Giclee Print on 308gsm Hahnemuehle 100% Cotton paper, mounted and framed. Enquire about this print Sold Out

"Rongoueroa was the mother of our tribe... and I wanted to just celebrate my grandson and show him dancing in front of his Ancestors" 

This painting captures Darcy's Ancestral Mountain, Taranaki, along with his three Kaitiaki (guardians), and tribal matriarch, Rongoueroa. The contrast of deep reds and blues helps express the interaction between energy and distance, thus giving the painting life, and a platform for Maori boy to dance upon. The stars in the sky help transcend the vastness of time and space, shifting the mind towards a world of imagination.

Maori Boy

Maori boy has Maori, Scottish, English, Irish, French... mixed Ancestry from all across the world. He is in fact a child of the world, but the Mountain Taranaki is his still his Mountain. The guardians are still his guardians. And the ancestors, his ancestors. It is his whakapapa, and because his blood lines connect back to these things, it cannot be ignored that this is who he is.   


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