Spirit Sisters

Limited Edition 1 of 6 prints; 41.5 x 34cm Acrylic Painted highlights and gold glitter added by the Artist Giclee Print on 308gsm Hahnemuehle 100% Cotton paper, framed and mounted. Enquire about this print

"The Spirit Sisters are purely a concept of the creation story of Maoridom..."

The yellows and oranges represent birth and life, the magentas represent change and maturity, and the blues represent the spiritual world. The personification of these three stages help identify them clearly so the people can understand them. There have been many depictions of Hineahuone, Hinetitama, and Hinenuitepo, but it's important to know that they are concepts, rather than actual people. Once it is assumed that they're people, all kinds of mistaken ideas can be attached to them.