The Story Teller

Limited Edition 1 of 6 prints; 49.5 x 49.5cm Acrylic Painted highlights and gold glitter added by the Artist Giclee Print on 308gsm Hahnemuehle 100% Cotton paper. Mounted and framed. Enquire about this print Sold Out

"I wanted to use colour as something magical... something friendly and warm... but at the same time, use the blue to take you back through the ancient history of who we are as a people"

The Story Tellers are universal. In oral cultures (like the Maori) they are the experts in knowledge areas related to the tribe. They maintain the knowledge's accuracy; are it's custodians, conveyors, and are also responsible for making that knowledge magical and of interest to all the people. It is a significant responsibility, and this painting is a celebration of the Story Teller and expression of their immense value.

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